Request of the favorite sentence of “The Little Prince” recording

Hello, hello!

Thank you for noticing this letter.

I’m a poet and director living in Japan although I’m not successful yet.

I’m making a play based on The Little Prince by Saint-Exupery with 6 members of performers and artists.

I will describe what young people really are with our play. We have been discussing and thinking of love, trust, gratitude, loneliness, and violence.

While doing that, I now have a desire to complete this work with many people from a variety of different backgrounds.

I am asking a favour of you, if you get this message somewhere in this universe.

Could you give us your voice or shadow of yourself.

It would be a great pleasure if there is anybody to help us.

I write down the process of your help as follows.

by Yuki Nomiya


■Request of the favorite sentence of “The Little Prince” recording■

※The Process※

① Please chose the favorite in the following six sentences.

② Please translate it from Japanese, French or English into your native language.

③ Please record your voice that reading aloud it on your smartphone.

④ Please send recording data to the following address. And please list your name and the number of the sentence which you chose.

※The deadline : Sunday, September 23, 2018

※Six Sentences※



French:Alors je tâtonne comme ci et comme ça, tant bien que mal.

English:So I grope in one direction and another, as best I can.



French:Quelque chose s'était cassé dans mon moteur.

English:Something in my plane’s engine had broken.



French:Il faut être très patient.

English:You have to be very patient.



French:Si j'essaie ici de le décrire, c'est afin de ne pas l'oublier.

English:If I try to describe him here, it’s so I won’t forget him.



French:L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.

English:Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.



French:On ne peut pas mourir pour vous.

English:One couldn’t die for you.


Image Poetry of The Performance

by Yuki Nomiya

Six actors and poets are working together and making six individual one-man plays

"After an airplane crashed into a desert by accident, the crew managed to come to a dilapidated factory…

It is raining outside, and the first star of the night can’t be seen today, too.

At this completely isolated place, can we meet “The Little Prince “again?”


Thank you for reading my letter.

It would be a great pleasure if there is anybody to help us.

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企画団体シックスペース公式website。 ことばの海に浮かぶ小島のような場所。


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